About The Founder Vendula Pavlikova

AboutVendulaMy name is Vendula. Today, I am living a fulfilling life by focusing on what’s the best in me. I run a business in which I share my passion for emotional intelligence and positive psychology, and in which I can exploit my strengths to the full, and passionately help other people to find and live their authentic lives.

It was not always like this. I was born in what was then called Czechoslovakia which, during my childhood, was under a communist regime. That regime fell in the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Following the revolution, my father dreamt of creating his own company when he retired. Unfortunately, he tragically died just two months before his retirement, when I was 18 years old.

His death had a huge impact on my life. It made me understand how important it is to live fully every day, and to focus on what you do the best and are passionate about doing (instead of trying to improve your weaknesses, as we were often asked to do). It also enabled me to understand the important impact the emotions have on our behavior, to stay optimistic, and fight for our dreams despite life’s difficult setbacks.

I had a difficult adolescence, during which I was searching for my life’s purpose. My experiences taught me a lot about myself, and enabled me to discover my passion for personal development and emotional intelligence.

Since then I have been on a continuous learning journey. I learned from the best personal development coaches, and participated on hundreds of workshops and online courses. I became certified a Emotional Intelligence assessor, attended the University of Cambridge Life Coaching Distance Learning Program, and was awarded a certificate in Positive Psychology by The University of California, Berkeley.

Today, I live a fulfilling and happy life with my family in the beautiful cross border region in Basel, Switzerland. I am the founder of Authentic Achievers. I am passionate about helping my clients to find their authentic self by understanding their life values, strengthening their self-awareness, increase resilience, and to experience greater overall wellbeing by identifying new paths and directions. I bring together my 12 years’ professional experience in the corporate world across a wide range of industries and my expertise for emotional intelligence and personal development.

My mission is to guide people to live a life they can be proud of, and to teach them how to take care of their emotional wellbeing because paying attention to our physical health and being clever is just not enough to achieve a fulfilling life and professional success.

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