Corporate Group Trainings



Research shows that emotional intelligence is a strong predictor of workplace performance (Journal of Organizational Behavior 2010). And emotional intelligence organizations have a culture that people want to be a part of, commit to and give their best to.

Authentic Achievers purposes you the following corporate group trainings:


1. Discovery Workshops

These interactive discovery workshops range from 60-90 minutes in length and include a talk from Vendula and interactive group exercise. Topics can be adjusted based on your needs.

2. Half Day Event

These workshops are our most popular group trainings, which are focused on understanding the fundamental concepts of emotional intelligence. These workshops go from 9AM to 12:30AM or 1:30PM-5:00PM and include several team building and group exercises as well as a group discussion and a Q&A session led by Vendula.

3. Full Day Event

These workshops typically go from 9AM - 5PM and include several team building and group exercises, as well as a group discussion and a Q&A led by Vendula. Optional mindfulness session can be incorporated based on your company’s needs.

The workshops are appropriate to executives and managers at all levels within organizations.


  • reductions in stress levels
  • overall increased positive mood and good staff morale
  • better teamwork and interactions
  • greater ability to focus
  • remain calmer in challenging situations
  • increased productivity
  • participants experienced greater overall well-being

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